The Pentagon is Planning War with China and Russia

Over the last decade, there has been an escalation in the tensions between the United States and Russia. Those who care have begged their peers to pay attention to this fact however, there is a paradox that suggests if there is no time frame that is guaranteed for such a crisis to happen, it might as well not exist. This paradox has applied to those who have ringed alarm bells about the threat of war.

Russia and China Facing War from Pentagon

Anti-climactic Cries of War over Past Few Decades Leads to Lack of Attention

Over the last five years or so there have been many anticlimactic cries from people who have warned that war is heading our way, yet the threat has never materialized, thankfully. However, war is a real threat, and it is an evil threat. This has been seen in what happened to the people living in Syria and Libya. Those who live in the US and Russia have suffered few consequences for governments claiming to have ruled them and used Syria as the ground for battle.

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The Pentagon is in the opening stages of “redesigning the force” around the challenges of Russia and China, the department’s No. 2 uniformed official said Tuesday. 

There are activists living in the West who have chosen to raise awareness about the many innocent victims of war and what is happening. However, anti-war activists have a job that is thankless, many of whom cannot personally make friends of the people of Syria and help them, such as Vanessa Beeley can.

In the west, on the whole, there has been an anti-climactic effect after the many cries warning that war is not far away, and due to the fact that it has not affected Americans up to now, many have stopped paying any attention at all to the growing tensions that today exist between the United States and Russia.

Why Has The Pentagon Spoken Openly?

This may be one of the main reasons why there is no concern when the Pentagon admits that they are at the start of “redesigning the force” around a rivalry with China and Russia. Many have wondered just why the officials at the Pentagon would talk about a strategy so openly. However, the vice chairman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Paul Selva, has said that China and Russia are not inherently allies always and that the two face tension with one another over the resources.

Selva spoke openly about why the two would be in competition with each other. He argued that they are not the same and that there were two competitions that were unique which the US has to deal with and while some elements overlap they are not the same. He went on to say if it came to blows with China it would mean a maritime and air war. Not that the Marine Corps and Army would not play a part he said, but when thinking about any potential war with China and how it might evolve, the air and naval forces would play a huge part, while the Marine and Army would support them. He went on to say that the global issue would be a ground and air fight and this would have support from the maritime components as it is not possible to reach Russia without going over the North Atlantic. So to get to them it would be a maritime war but it would evolve into a ground and air fight.

Deadliest Conflict between USA and Russia Since Cold War Occurred Recently

Last week in Syria what was said to be the deadliest conflict between Russia and the United States since the Cold War took place and around 100 Russians were killed in Syria by the United States. Now there is an unnatural silence in the air, and the media is still trying to push a narrative about Syria that is completely false.

Many people have come to realize that the United States used whatever force was needed to try to destabilize Syria in a war that the US over the past few years called a civil war. The United States has used everyone from ISIS to local militias to Kurds to try to break up Syria. ISIS, of course, was opposed to the Syrian government while the Kurds just wanted their independence. The Kurds and ISIS are both on the same side but media such as the New York Times would have people believe that they are fighting each other. There might be some groups or Kurdish individuals who do not like ISIS all that much, but essentially they are on the same side.

Mainstream Media Paints Syrian Rebels as Heroes Have Blood on Their Hands

The mainstream media remains trying to paint the Syrian rebels as they called them, as being the good guys. There will be some Kurds who are decent and normal human beings, and they will want only the best for the family, some are also being used as pawns for US foreign policy. In the past mainstream media has praised and interviewed people who have tortured and killed innocents, including young children.

It has been said that the world is almost on the brink of war and the puppet propaganda media is once again leading the way. They continue to lie, and terrorist scum who behead children are still made out to be heroes and blood from the innocent’s stains the hands of the mainstream media.

But is the tension between Russia and the United States at the breaking point or the US with China? It is impossible to know. One thing is for sure is that if the Pentagon revealed their strategy publicly, you could be sure they want people to hear about it.

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