Project ISIS: The Extraterrestrial Mummy found by the KGB in Egypt (Video)

A documentary was broadcast exclusively in 1998 by the US television network Sci-Fi, called “The Secret KGB Adduction Files” based on a video showing an extraterrestrial mummy found in Egypt by the KGB.

Work of concealment of a real event or simply a false incident?

The only authorized opinion was provided by the same US television station at the time of the broadcast, according to which the team of experts that evaluated the film confirmed its authenticity.


The US network has broadcast the film only once, and there is no other copy available from the video, except those that are available thanks to those who took the time to record the broadcast.

The film would show a secret expedition from the KGB to Egypt as part of the “Isis Project”, in which Soviet intelligence discovered the existence of what appears to be an extraterrestrial mummy . Before the broadcast, the film was never shown outside the structures of the KGB.

Is it an elaborate and expensive deception, or could the “ancient astronaut of the grave” be the discovery that will revolutionize the understanding of the principles of human civilization?

It all started with the revelations of Viktor Ivanovich , a neurologist and a Russian astrophysicist hired by the Kremlin as a scientific advisor for the development of advanced propulsion systems. As Sci-Fi says, Ivanovich had access to some secret files of the KGB, which narrate an expedition in 1961 as part of the “Isis Project”, aimed at discovering remnants of knowledge and technology from Egypt that could be used for military applications.



Extraterrestrial mummy found by the KGB

Extraterrestrial mummy found by the KGB

The mission team consisted of Egyptologists from the Soviet Academy of Sciences, Alekseen Herman (supposed Egyptologist at the Hermitage Museum), military experts specializing in chemistry and radioactivity, some astronomers, including Vladimir Yuri and Sami Sharaf, Secretary of Gamel Abdel Nasser, second president of the Republic of Egypt.

The extraterrestrial mummy found by the KGB in Egypt

The extraterrestrial mummy found by the KGB in Egypt

If we consider the historical period in which the expedition will take place, the political axis between Egypt and the Soviet Union is not surprising. Since the conflict in 1956, when Israel invaded Egyptian territory, as a result of the Canal crisis, the Soviet Union sided with Egypt. It is estimated that when the Isis Project was started, a Soviet military contingent of 20,000 units arrived in Egypt.

The expedition was organized after the accidental discovery of a mysterious tomb by two Bedouins Magbarat Alzoar in one of the pyramids of Giza. These were the first people who entered the tomb, and were the first victims, having to be hospitalized due to being very sick. When questioned by agents of the KGB and Egyptian intelligence, the Bedouins said they had found the “visiting God” .

Since then, the “Isis Project” became the highest priority and everything was organized to find and analyze the tomb discovered by the two Bedouins. The expedition was organized jointly by the two countries in secret, for fear that the CIA and the US intelligence services might have knowledge of the discovery.

According to the report held by Ivanovich, the Soviets found the tomb full of artifacts. This is read in a note addressed to a senior official of the KGB:

My agents have secured notes from scientists working at the Tomb of the discovered visitor “

Note addressed to a senior KGB officer about the discovery.

Note addressed to a senior KGB officer about the discovery.

This is followed by the following list of information: Place of discovery: not revealed; 15 boxes of artifacts; 1 partially mummified body; A stone sarcophagus, 8 samples of hieroglyphs.

In the report prepared by one of the first scientists to enter the tomb, it reads: “During the inspection of the walls we have noticed a strange repulsive force that comes out of the walls. We could not find any scientific explanation. ” Finally, the report prepared by one of the cryptographers, who participated in the partial decoding of the engravings on the walls of the tomb message, reads a prophecy that implies the “return of the winged” . But the most surprising thing about the discovery is related to the mummy. The mummy seems to have a height of more than 2 meters high, much higher than the average height of the inhabitants of ancient Egypt.

Extraterrestrial mummy found by the KGB

Extraterrestrial mummy found by the KGB

Carbon 14 analysis conducted by molecular biologist Boris Timoyev revealed that the body dates back about 12,000 years ago, thousands of years before the Egyptian dynastic period.

Could the mummy found in the sarcophagus be of the god Osiris?

According to Egyptian mythology, a family of gods descended from the stars in Egypt. They taught them knowledge and wisdom. Later, when their work was over, they left Earth to return to heaven, with the exception of Osiris , who was left with the task of protecting and maintaining the ancestral knowledge given.

The god Osiris. According to Egyptian mythology, Osiris came down from heaven in a "flying ship". Was it a UFO?

The god Osiris. According to Egyptian mythology, Osiris came down from heaven in a “flying ship”. Was it a UFO?

Osiris brought civilization to men, taught them to cultivate the land and the production of wine, and was loved by the people. After his death he was mummified and buried in a secret place.

On the basis of this ancient myth, shortly after the discovery of the visitor’s tomb, a group of scientists, computer programmers, doctors and other academics met to discuss the scope of the event. The group was convinced that the body in the coffin was the mummy of Osiris, the alien king! The group adopted the name of “followers”, a movement of almost religious borders, dedicated to the adoration of the “visitor of the stars”.

The Kremlin took the matter under a more pragmatic profile. Soviet scientists began to wonder what would have been the  actual function of the pyramids and if they had been designed for a particular purpose. Some of them had the hypothesis that they are powerful machines capable of channeling part of the energy of the cosmos or some type of interstellar transmitter.

The KGB and the encounter with the Ancient Astronaut

What sparked the interest of science fiction in the subject was a film that seems to have obtained the American chain of the Russian mafia through an intermediary.

The film obtained from the archives of the KGB and the high security images show the discovery of the sarcophagus inside the tomb of the stellar visitor. The science fiction experts guarantee the authenticity of the film.

The black and white video shows a number of soldiers and officers entering what appears to be an Egyptian burial chamber without gas masks. In the opening of the sarcophagus, you can see a cloud of toxic gas that invades the environment and the reaction of the soldiers affected by the breath and fear, to see the mummy that was contained in the sarcophagus.

Later, the place seems to have been organized for further scientific analysis. Now the soldiers are wearing special protective suits

KGB personnel wearing protective masks enter the site to protect themselves from the gases issued in the first incursion.

KGB personnel wearing protective masks enter the site to protect themselves from the gases issued in the first incursion.

On the walls of the compound the KGB agents find a series of hieroglyphics and engravings.

On the walls of the compound the KGB agents find a series of hieroglyphics and engravings.

What value can this film be given? Is it a joke made on the basis of Ivanovich’s revelations? There is no doubt that the video shows the concordance with the data contained in the Ivanovich documents. This, according to some, would be another test to support the authenticity of the film.

In addition, it seems that during the private screening organized by the Sci-Fi team, issued before the documentary was broadcast, a daughter of those who were part of the “followers” group, recognizing her father in the film’s images , begins to cry.

“There is no doubt that a small group of Russian scientists with military experts have discovered a tomb in Egypt in 1961,” says Ivanovich. “But in the documents has never been revealed exactly what was found inside the sarcophagus. Only through the sources of the highest ranks of the KGB do we know that we have found the remains of an alien creature that died in Egypt 10,000 years before Christ. ”

If the information released by Dr. Ivanocih is true, we have to reconsider the entire cultural evolution of human civilization. Constantly, there is news that reveals the past of the Earth much more sophisticated and enigmatic than previously thought.

“The fundamental question about ancient Egypt is to understand how such an advanced civilization, at the height of its development around 2500 BC, has lasted through time and has appeared on the world stage,” says McNaughton of the Roselyn Institute of Egyptology. “All other ancient civilizations have experienced a progressive historical development in the design of their technology in hundreds or even thousands of years. This has not happened in ancient Egypt. A completely formed society suddenly came out of the desert. ”


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