George Soros: ‘I will lead a one world Government for the New World Order’

Billionaire globalist announces leadership proposal for single global governance.

Billionaire globalist George Soros lays out his plan for a single world government Billionaire globalist George Soros has announced his plans for a new single world government that will rule over independent nations to usher in the New World Order under his leadership.

Speaking at the Democracy Alliance Conference at the La Costa Resort, California, Soros laid out his agenda to introduce “global governance” and weaken the “limitations of manmade borders

.”During his talk at the secretive California gathering, where Democratic politicians, liberal activists, and their biggest donors discuss and propose political strategies, Soros told the packed-out audience that the world must be ruled under one single government, saying:

“We must learn from the events of last year’s US elections so we can prevent mistakes of this magnitude from happening in the future.”We must ensure that all world leaders answer to a higher, new world order, so that we may overturn instances of injustice in our democratic process.

“As the European Union begins to crumble, the time has come to create a new global union where all nations will be united under international policies, irrespective of manmade borders and their limitations.

“With our nations united under a single global governance, the world’s economy will be free to thrive with a centrally controlled world bank and a single currency.”

At this point, the audience rose to their feet in a raucous, standing ovation.As the crowd settled down, a DA member asked Soros ow he proposes that the governing board is chosen, to which he answered: “Although we may learn from the mistakes of the EU, we may also take inspiration from what did work.

“A global government will be formed from a chosen representative from each nation, with one leader chosen to lead the board of governors.

“When asked if the “leader” would be picked through a democratic vote, he said, “too messy,” with a smile, adding, “not after what happened last year.”

“We can’t take the risk of outside interference affecting the vote on such an important role.”Imagine if the Russian hacked it again and put one of their own in charge.”
Too risky.

“The board would need to elect their own leader.

“Mr. Soros was then asked if he would ever consider such a role for himself, to which he replied:

“I have a vision for a globalist future and I will make the formation of a single world government my legacy.

“I expect that the work I am doing to create a new world, under a new order, will be recognized when a leader is chosen.

“Republican Virginia State Senator, Richard Black, blasted George Soros statements saying that he wanted to a single government to “serve oligarchs, not people.”

Speaking to RT, Senator Black accused Soros of driving a campaign to allow thousands of migrants to flood into, and collapse,

“Christian Europe” in a bid intentionally destroy the EU.According to Black, Soros plans to force the European Union to fail so pave way for a single world government to usher in New World Order policy that only serves the elite:

RT: What reputation does George Soros and the Open Society Foundations have in the world? What role do they play?Richard Black: “George Soros is an immensely wealthy billionaire. He has an interest in converting the world.

He has a very, very sinister reputation throughout the world, and he is viewed widely as being anti-moral and anti-nationalistic. His belief appears to be that we should have a globalist government that dictates to the people and those nations are a sort of an impediment, because when you have national governments – they express the will of the people.When you have a globalist government, it simply exhibits the views of the oligarchs and has very little regard for the people.

That is the side he is on – he is with the oligarchs, he is not with the ordinary people.”

RT: The Hungarian government and the ruling party have been accusing George Soros of interfering in the domestic affairs of Hungary and other nations. Do you think their claims are valid? Do they have a reason to be wary of Soros’ activities?

RB: “Soros has interfered very dramatically in the affairs of Hungary and a number of eastern European countries. But right now his focus is on Hungary. I would certainly applaud the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.
Orban is a man who gets things done. When he had illegal immigrants pouring across the border into Hungary, he sent the army out, he put up a wall, and within a month he had stopped immigration from crossing Hungary.

“I think for people like Soros and the rest of the globalists, they view the nation-state as a problem because the nation expresses the will of the people of that nation and it serves their personal interest. Whereas if you have a one world government than it can simply disregard the interest of the people, and it can basically cater to the very wealthy oligarchs.

“I would mention that the background of Soros is a very, very poor one. He is known as the man, who was a currency manipulator, who broke the Bank of England – one of the most powerful banks in the world. He disrupted the Malaysian financial stability back in 1997, and he crushed the Bank of Thailand and forced 600,000 temporary workers to give up their homes and leave.

So he thinks nothing of ordinary people. He is willing to crush them out; he is willing to destroy their lives and their livelihoods.”Prime Minister Orban and also the Fidesz Vice Chairman [Gergely] Gulyás have united and have fought very hard against Soros. Soros is trying to subvert the country of Hungary. He does it through these non-governmental organizations.

The NGOs – there are some good ones, but there are very many of them that act as a Fifth Column to undermine the stability and integrity of the countries. Often they work in conjunction with covert intelligence agencies – whether it is the CIA, MI6, French intelligence and so on.

They act as sort of an internal intelligence agency that is always there when the time comes to overthrow the government. The prime minister of Hungary recognizes this danger. He is not going to stand for it.”One of the big points of contention is that Soros is running a university in Budapest to promote the liberal ideas he believes in.
These are ideas that break down the culture, they break down the moral values, and they break down the national integrity of the nation…

RT: Soros had been calling for the EU to apply pressure against conservative governments of Hungary and Poland, while Soros-funded NGOs are heavily criticizing EU countries for not accepting more migrants and asylum seekers. What, in your opinion, does Soros wish to achieve do doing this?

RB: “The real rebellion against the European Union seems to be emanating from the eastern European countries. Soros is also having a great conflict with Poland. Poland is becoming increasingly nationalistic.

They are adamantly opposed to immigration. The immigrants flow through Eastern Europe into Germany.”Chancellor Angela Merkel invited a million immigrants to be brought to Germany, and of course, they immediately began raping and terrorizing the nation.

And it looks as though Angela Merkel may very well lose her leadership in Germany. The country has been thrown into a crisis strictly because of the sexual assault of the German people by the immigrants that were brought in, by people like Soros, by people like the European Union. I think where you see the strongest resistance is in Eastern Europe. Not so much in Germany, not so much in France, which is almost a lost country by now. But there is still the ability of the people of Eastern Europe to rise up and fight this…”

RT: How do you think things will develop in Hungary? How will the people react there?

RB: “There will be an immense amount of money that will be spent against Prime Minister Orban and against his party. But I have watched the Hungarian people throughout their history, and there are no tougher or more independent people than the Hungarians. I have great confidence in the nation of Hungary. I know they will be influenced by the EU that will pressure them and try to compel them through dictatorial means to accept whatever the EU wants, including the reinstitution of the whole corrupt Soros organization there that seeks to undermine the values of the Hungarian people.”

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