EXPERT: Ancient Text Confirms JESUS CHRIST Was Reptilian Shape Shifter

Ancient Egyptian say Jesus Christ could shape shift. Jesus Christ was a reptilian shapeshifter and was able to shape shift into any form.

Jesus Christ was a Reptilian shapeshifter and was able to ‘shape-shift’ into any form according to ancient Egyptian texts.

The new revelations could also reveal that Jesus managed to escape from his certification by shape-shifting.

Not long after the two separate texts were discovered, they were sent to the Morgan Library and Museum in New York City and the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania, which have been deciphered in the past few years.

The texts were written in a form of Egyptian language known as ‘Coptic’ over 1200 years ago describing Pontius Pilate and Jesus having dinner the night before his crucifixion before he allegedly offered his son to be condemned to death in place of the messiah.

The most strange part of the text describes how authorities requested Judas kiss Jesus, to identify him because of his ability to shape-shift.

The text reads: “Without further ado, Pilate prepared a table and he ate with Jesus on the fifth day of the week. And Jesus blessed Pilate and his whole house.” the new revelations could also reveal that jesus managed to escape from his certification by shape shifting. The new revelations could also reveal that Jesus managed to escape from his certification by shape-shifting.

The Express reports: : The Roman, who is considered a Saint in Captic churches which would explain the favourable view of him, then tells Jesus: “Well then, behold, the night has come, rise and withdraw, and when the morning comes and they accuse me because of you, I shall give them the only son I have so that they can kill him in your place.”

To which Jesus responds: “Oh Pilate, you have been deemed worthy of a great grace because you have shown a good disposition to me.” Jesus then supposedly showed Pilate that he can escape if he chose to by shape-shifting. The text reads: “Pilate, then, looked at Jesus and, behold, he became incorporeal: He did not see him for a long time.”

The text also describes Judas’ betrayal of Jesus: “Then the Jews said to Judas: ‘How shall we arrest him (Jesus)? For he does not have a single shape but his appearance changes. Sometimes he is ruddy, sometimes he is white, sometimes he is red, sometimes he is wheat coloured, sometimes he is pallid like ascetics, sometimes he is a youth, sometimes an old man’.

” However, historians believe that it is unlikely that anyone took the text as truthful.

Authorities requested judas kiss jesus to identify him because of his ability to shape shift.

Authorities requested Judas kiss Jesus, to identify him because of his ability to shape-shift. The Siloam Pool in Jesus’ Time: A rock-cut pool on the southern slope of the City of David, the original site of Jerusalem. The pool was fed by the waters of the Gihon Spring, carried there by two aqueducts “Yahweh and His Asherah”: Painted sherds were discovered in the eastern Sinai desert, within the shattered fragments were an inscription that referred to “Yahweh of Samaria and his Asherah.”

Stepped Stone Structure: Name given to the remains at a particular archaeological site on the eastern side of the City of David, the oldest part of Jerusalem.

St. Peter’s House: More than 25 years ago, archaeologists discovered a simple first-century A.D. home in Capernaum that may have been inhabited by Jesus during his Galilean ministry.

The Nag Hammadi Library: Two peasants discovered a 13-volume library of Coptic texts hidden beneath a large boulder near the town of Nag Hammadi in upper Egypt.

Ashkelon Arched Gate: The oldest known monumental arch, found in southern Israel in 1992 Roelof van den Broek, of Utrecht University in the Netherlands, told Live Science that the author probably did not even believe it.

He said: “I find it difficult to believe that he really did, but some details, for instance the meal with Jesus, he may have believed to have really happened. “The people of that time, even if they were well-educated, did not have a critical historical attitude. Miracles were quite possible, and why should an old story not be true?”

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