Aliens Are Going To Attack Earth December 2017 And Will Land In Russia

Conspiracy theorists are always talking about a possible alien invasion but now a group of ufologists say aliens are going to attack Earth in December and will land in Russia.

The group of ufologists say that they have discovered a large number of celestial bodies approaching planet Earth and aliens are going to land and attack in December 2017. They say that part of the celestial bodies that are approaching are an extra-terrestrial fleet that has changed its trajectory.

The ufologists have said that this could be a strategy to deceive as the other objects are continuing to approach Earth. The size of the objects that are approaching Earth have been noted and the area of the biggest object is said to be as big as 4 thousand square meters. The rest of the ships are also said to have dimensions that are big.

Several of the ufologists are assuming that the aliens are planning to disembark and start their offensive in Russia. They are assuming that the aliens are planning on visiting Earth and will start in Russia as aliens have visited Earth before and they landed in Yakutia in Russia, so they are already familiar to the area.


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